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I am a huge fan of effect pedals! The photo above is a look at my current collection of pedals. 

Featured pedalboard above is my main squeeze. At every show I can achieve a variety of tones. My main overdrives are the GREER Amps Lightspeed & Sarno Earth Drive.  A bit of extra swirl is added with the Danelectro Big Spender. For some delay at a variety of tempos I rely on an the Maxon AD-999. Added extras include an JHS Milkman Slapback Delay / Boost, Mythos Golden Fleece Fuzz, Polytune 2 tuner and a Strymon Flint Tremolo/Reverb w/ Tap Tempo. If I need something with some more gain I swap in my JHS Angry Charlie for that JCM 800 style tone.


I have three "main" amps depending on what I'm doing. The first and my main workhorse is my '65 Fender Super Reverb that has been gone through more than once and "bulletproofed" for the road. This amp can get me through any show on any stage while playing any genre.

Second is my Victoria 35310. Coming in at 28 Watts this amp has become a daily driver for me.


Third, built in Indiana in limited quantity and a favorite among Chicago Blues favorite Corey Dennison is a Screamin' Chickenz Firebird. Coming in somewhere between 18 and 22 Watts it's very adaptable in smaller settings.


The life saver in the whole rig is the AmpRX BrownBox voltage attenuator. This protects the entire rig and makes sure my amp gets the proper voltage regardless of the power situation. 

Misc Gear:

Dunlop Herco Holy Grail Picks


Mogami Instrument Cables


EBS Flat Patch Cables 

Shure Wireless

Sennheiser E906 / E609 Microphones


Ernie Ball Strings - Regular Slinky (10-46), Burly Slinky (11-52), and Mega Slinky (10.5 - 48)

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