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A delayed welcome

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog dedicated to vinyl records, vintage instruments, and unique effect pedals.

I've been an avid collector of vinyl records since my college days in Minneapolis, MN. I blame my dad (Randy Schwager) for starting the addiction when he played for me Led Zeppelin II on his vintage Dual turntable he’d kept since college days back in the late ‘60s. Sadly, it has since been sent to the graveyard. But, that’s all it took to get me hooked and now, wherever I travel, I seem to find myself in a record store.

Only recently have I found myself taking a serious interest in vintage instruments. Though my collection of vintage instruments is nothing like my record collection…YET, I have developed a huge respect for their significance in the world of music.

The appeal ranges from the interesting history behind certain guitars to the people that play them and the musical styles that have devolved because of the unique tonal qualities and playability of each instrument.

The story is the same when it comes to effects pedals. Particularly, I have a thing for overdrive and fuzz pedals. I’m looking for anything that may sound unique or be completely crazy and obnoxious.

My plan is to explore some of the things that make today’s music interesting to me. We’ll cover it from a listening standpoint and a playing standpoint. We’ll examine the tools of the trade used and where they came have come from. I love learning about the process! Hopefully we can learn a thing or two together as we all continue down our musical paths.

Thank you for reading.


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